Antena parabólica JRMB-1200-4.7

Antena JRMB-1200-4.7 MIMO está diseñada para enlaces microondas en el rango de frecuencias 4,7 GHz. Tiene plato del reflector profundo y tenedor masivo que permite ajuste exacto en ambas direcciones. Entera sistema de antena tiene estabilidad de viento exrema.

  • profesional microwave antenna
  • deep parabola with great resistance to interference and high mechanical strength
  • high isolation between neighbour links
  • polarization adjustment ±5°
  • radom is included in package
  • massive bracket with accurate elevation and azimuth setting
  • right and left side mounting
Technical parameters:
Frequency range 4.4 - 5.0 GHz
Gain32.2 ± 0.5 dBi
Return loss ≥ 14 dB
Beamwidth -3dB 3.5°
Front to back ratio≥ 49 dB
Polarization horizontal and vertical
Type of connector N-female
CoverUV steady plastic ABS
Instalation for mast ø 40 - 120 mm
Mechanical parameters:
Parabola ø 1200 mm - Aluminium alloy
Installation on mast ø 80 - 120 mm
ø 60 - 80 mm - with adjustable wind bracing set
Operating wind load
  • without wind bracing
max. 110 km/h
  • with wind bracing
max. 140 km/h
Survival wind load max. 210 km/h

We recommend using a wind bracing set for the mounting on the mast with a diameter less than 80 mm as well as for the areas with the occurrence of strong winds.

Additional accessories


  • assembled antenna 1 or 2 pieces on the pallet

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